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If you’ve been looking for a gift for that special gardener in your life but have been stumped about what to get them, never fear! Our Fun Gifts For Gardeners list is here! On this page, we have a roundup of our favorite gardening gifts that the gardeners in your life will be sure to love.


herb scissors

1. Jenaluca Herb Scissors

What gardener doesn’t love using fresh herbs from their garden? This pair of herb scissors is the most highly rated pair of herb scissors we know of. Not only are the 5 sets of blades on these scissors amazingly sharp and cut like a dream, but the icing on the cake is that this pair of scissors comes with a cleaning comb! We know from personal experience that cleaning herb scissors without the cleaning comb can be a little more than frustrating, so the fact that these scissors come with one is a dream come true.


Herb Freezer Tray2. Chef’n SpiceCube Herb Freezer Tray

Unfortunately, for most of us, the gardening season has to end some time, which means that we won’t have access to the fresh herbs that we love. Fortunately, there is a great way to keep herbs tasting fresh over the winter—freeze them. While lots of people recommend freezing herbs in ice trays, this particular herb freezing tray is 10x better than ice trays because the lids prevent frost burn which can compromise the flavor of your frozen herbs, and thus ensures the freshest herb flavor for much, much longer. If you’ve ever frozen herbs and haven’t been satisfied with how they tasted later, give these a try. You won’t be sorry!


microwave flower press3. Microwave Flower Press

One thing that many gardeners love to do is press their flowers to retain their beauty indefinitely. However, the most popular way of pressing flowers (pressing them between pages of large books for weeks) is a long and drawn-out process that saps the color from the flowers. By using this microwave press, you’ll have your flowers pressed and dry in a matter of minutes, and the best part of all is that the colors will remain much more vibrant than if you pressed the traditional way. Additional refill packs for this flower press can also be purchased, as well as additional liners.


worm composter

4. Worm Factory Worm Composter

We, gardeners, all know how valuable worm compost is. It’s basically garden gold. Unfortunately, you basically pay the price of gold to pay for worm compost. This product is the best worm composter we could find. It has 4 trays, is expandable up to 8, does not smell in the slightest, and makes it easy for you to do good for the environment as well as your own garden. This product will save you hundreds and possibly thousands down the line and we couldn’t recommend it more!



rub away bar5. Amco Rub Away Bar

This Rub Away Bar is insane. First, let’s set the stage: You’re a gardener and you’ve just pulled some fresh onions and garlic from your garden. You’ve washed them and now you’re prepping them for a mouthwatering batch of garden-fresh tomato sauce. However, no one really likes the lingering smell of onions and garlic on their fingers. That’s where this Rub Away Bar comes in. This bar is not your ordinary bar of soap—it’s not even soap at all. It’s a specially made bar of stainless steel which reacts with the chemicals on your hands responsible for the pungent odor and deactivates them. This bar is truly the bee’s knees and a must-have for any gardener or cook (and it works for body odor too!).


oil infuser6. Glass Herb with Oil Infuser

One of the best things about having your own herbs is infusing oils with them. This herb infuser is really awesome because it allows you to infuse herbs as well as measure out your oils as you use them! Also, it’s super easy to clean and works better than any other cruet we’ve tried! We highly recommend this infuser for the gardener or cook in your life.


hummingbird swing7. Hummingbird Swing

I don’t know a single gardener who doesn’t love hummingbirds in their garden. But did you know that hummingbirds like to perch and look over their territories? This swing lets hummingbirds do just that and in style. Position this swing close to their food source/hummingbird feeder (a great hummingbird feeder can be found here) and watch them sit! Go on, visit the reviews for the swing and see customer photos of their hummingbirds using the swing! This unique swing really works and is a sight to behold.


mason bee house8. Mason Bee House

Gardeners love bees, and why not? They’re hard workers who diligently serve us in pollinating our flowers! So, why not do something for them–maybe get them a house? These houses are made of bamboo and allow Mason Bees a safe place in your garden to rest and thus boost their productivity. This is a great gift for all gardeners and one that will surely be appreciated!


butterfly house9. Woven Bamboo Butterfly House

Butterfly houses are another great gift for gardeners because who doesn’t like butterflies? Butterflies are beautiful and delicate little creatures and often need shelter in when it rains or when the winds blow too hard. This woven bamboo butterfly house provides a great safe haven for butterflies seeking shelter from the extreme elements and also adds beauty to the garden.



butterfly puddler10. Butterfly Puddlers

The Stoneware Butterfly Puddler and Hanging Butterfly Puddler and Bird Feeder are absolutely gorgeous additions to any garden used for attracting a multitude of beautiful butterflies. Any gardener would be thrilled to have these in their gardens—it’s really a must-have!