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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional gardener or garden recreationally, there’s one thing you’re going to need eventually–a garden hose. If you’ve stopped by your local hardware store, you know that there are many different options for garden hoses and it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick one. But don’t worry! We’ve scoured tons of garden hoses for the best ones and present to you our top three choices.

OBest Garden Hoseur Pick

NeverKink Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose

Our pick for the best garden hose is the NeverKink Extra Heavy Duty Garden Hose. This hose has everything you want in a hose. First, it’s incredibly resilient, which is important considering that cars may or may not run over your hose if you’re running it around your house. Second, true to its name, it does not kink. The fact that it doesn’t kink is a bigger deal than most people know not only because of its ability to get a steady and strong stream of water to your plants, but also because kinks put pressure on the water source. This is important because too many kinks in the hose can lead to a build-up in pressure of your water source and can eventually lead to breaks in your water line. These reasons make this hose our top pick for best garden hose.


Best Garden Hose Runner UpRunner-up

NeverKink Lite Garden Hose

Our very close runner-up for the best garden hose is the NeverKink Lite Garden Hose. We, personally, understand how cumbersome hoses can be especially if you’re using them all over the garden. That’s why we love the NeverKink Lite Garden Hose. This hose is great because of its kink-less feature, however, it is lighter than the Extra Heavy Duty version and therefore easier on our bodies. If you’re not planning on being hard on your watering hose, this is an excellent choice for your gardening needs.


Best Garden Hose Runner Up 2Second Runner-up

Water Right Polyurethane Lead Safe Coil Garden Hose

If you hate coiling garden hoses as much as we do, this lead-free coil garden hose might be the right hose for you. What we love about this hose is that it’s lead-free and also lightweight making it easy to water plants anywhere! The reason why we chose this as our second runner-up, however, is because although this is an excellent and practical hose, it can’t take as much man-handling as the NeverKink hoses can. With that said, if you’re a recreational gardener who makes efforts to take good care of your equipment, this hose might be the hose for you.