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If you’re living the American dream and have got yourself a nice big lawn, you’ve also probably realized you’re going to need a tractor to take care of all that yard! There are lots of tractors out there for you to choose from, however, it may be hard to find one that can handle the curvatures of your lawn, use fuel efficiently, and stand tough through years of wear. There are only two tractors we were confident fit these criteria, which will be elaborated on below.


Best Garden TractorOur Pick

Poulan Pro 6-Speed Lawn Tractor

The Poulan Pro 6-Speed Lawn Tractor is an amazing machine. What we love about this tractor is immediately apparent when you lay eyes on it. It is built to last and is leagues ahead of other, more expensive tractors. Not only is this tractor solidly built, but it handles like a dream, going forwards, backwards, you name it! It also has an 18 inch turn radius, which makes maneuvering and sharp turns easy as pie with this tractor. Given its smaller size, not only does it fit great into small spaces, but the gas efficiency on this tractor is better than a lot of others, making it a great investment that is sure to keep saving you money over time and keeping your yard looking great. Finally, you can get this delivered right to your door, taking the hassle out of buying and bringing home your tractor.


Best Garden Tractor Runner-upRunner-up

Poulan Pro Briggs 6-Speed Lawn Tractor

To be honest, choosing the best garden tractor was a really tough decision and basically a toss up between our official pick and our runner-up. The runner-up for best garden tractor is also by Poulan and has a lot of the same great features as our pick for the best garden tractor. This tractor boasts a 16 inch turn radius and 42 inch cutting deck, which may be better for some people than the 18 inch turn radius and 38 inch cutting deck offered from our top pick. As the cutting deck is larger than our top pick, it comes as no question that this tractor is also a little larger than our top pick, which might be a downfall for some people. With that said, this is a really excellent tractor and well worth every penny.