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Gardening gloves are a gardening essential!

Gardening gloves are necessary in the garden for a couple of major reasons. Gardening gloves will help protect you from getting knicked and cut whether you’re dealing with thorny rose stems or splintery wood. Getting knicked and cut in the garden is especially dangerous when dealing with soil immediately after because soil often has bad bacteria, chemicals, and other microorganisms in it that can lead to infections that can sometimes be deadly. Further, you never know what’s been pottying in your garden bed. Often times, cats are the worst offenders and coming in contact with cat droppings can result in harm to your body by way of parasite transmissions. Outdoor cats are prone to parasites which are transmitted by cat poop. In soil, these parasites may survive in moist soil for 18 months or longer. This is especially dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn children. Thus, as a gardener, you should make sure to keep your hands protected so that you reduce your chance of coming into contact with harmful organisms in your soil.

But, fear not! The team here at Gardening Supplies Reviewed have created a list of the best gardening gloves for your different needs. Whether you need gloves for working the soil, light gardening, or handling thorny bushes, we’ve got it all here, so read on!


Garden GlovesOur Pick

Garden Gloves

If you only want to buy one pair of gardening gloves, this is it. This pair of gardening gloves was chosen as our overall best gardening gloves because of its versatility in the garden. The inner side of these gloves are coated in rubber, making it easier to grip objects as you drag them around your garden. The gloves are also built well so that you don’t have to worry about soil getting in through the material, as is often times the case with other gardening gloves. These gloves are extremely comfortable and provide the flexibility that other gloves with rubber grips don’t. Another plus of this glove is that you can wash these gloves without worrying that they’ll lose their shape or breaking the rubber lining. Further, an order of these gloves from Amazon will get you 6 pairs, which comes out to a steal at under $2 a pair! It comes in women’s and men’s styles so that men can nab this great pair of gloves too! Get yourself a pair by clicking here.


Light Gardening GlovesRunner-Up – Gloves for Light Gardening

Light Gardening Gloves for Women

These gardening gloves make an excellent choice for gardeners who only do light gardening. They only come in one size, but the size has no problems accommodating several different size hands. The material it’s made out of is extremely breathable, so you won’t have to worry about sweaty hands while working in the garden. Although it’s made out of a breathable fabric, these gloves are nitrile coated, keeping those pesky thorns from penetrating the gloves as well as keeping water out. You’ll get three different pairs with each order of these gloves, and at $12.77 an order, that’s a great deal! You can find them here.



Rose Thorn GlovesRunner-Up – Gloves for Thorns

Long Cuffed Thorn Gloves

These gloves have all the protection that you’ll need to work with thorny bushes. These gloves are extremely highly rated, and for good reason. The long cuffs on these gloves keep your hands and wrists protected while you pick raspberries or work with your roses. They’re also dipped in foamed latex so that you won’t have to worry about your grip slipping when working with heavy or cumbersome materials. If you’re worried about loss of dexterity or sensitivity with these gloves, fear not! These gloves were specially made to maximize sensitivity and dexterity without compromising quality. One pair of these gloves will run you about $8.99, making these a little more expensive than our other picks, but definitely worth it–they’re quite possibly the best gardening gloves for roses. You can purchase these gloves here.