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With all of the different options there are for cold frames, it’s easy to get confused about which cold frame is right for you. However, this page makes it easy for you to choose which cold frame will suit your needs. Whether it’s a low lying cold frame you need, or one that’s tall and tiered, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best cold frames on the market.

Best Low Lying Cold Frames

There are lots of great options for those of you who want a cold frame to protect your cold weather crops or seedlings. Three excellent options for those needs are the Advantek Cold Frame Greenhouse, the Flower House Cold Frame StarterHouse, and the Zenport Raised Bed ColdFrame. These three are very similar in functionality and somewhat similar in price, but are different due to the materials they are made from.

Product ImageProduct NameSize and MaterialsPrice* At time of postRating
Advantek cold frameAdvantek Cold Frame Greenhouse39" long x 23" wide x 15" high
Weatherproof fir lumber
$67.994/5 stars
Zenport Raised BedZenport Raised Bed ColdFrame47" long x 23-5/8" wide x 23-5/8" high
Sturdy green steel frame with waterproof transparent plastic cover and zipped roll-up panel for easy access, ventilation and humidity control
$46.435/5 stars
flower house starter house greenhouseFlower House Cold Frame StarterHouse96" long x 48" wide x 34" high
Gro-Tec rip stop fabric diffuses light promoting plant growth and is coated with UV protection for longer life
$74.994.8/5 stars

The panels on the Zenport Cold Frame Greenhouse is made out of a flexible plastic, whereas the panels on the Advantek Cold Frame Greenhouse is made out of a more solid plastic. The Flower House Cold Frame is made out of a special material that is marketed as being difficult to rip. All of these offer great protection for your plants and have received great ratings, making them top options for your cold frame greenhouse needs. However, in choosing between these three cold frames, you’ll want to consider permanent you’ll want your cold frames (for example, will you want to move it easily around as different seedlings sprout?), and how much room you’ll need. With that said, all of these come extremely highly rated by consumers.


gardman 4-tier mini greenhouse


The Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse is a very popular cold frame due to its light weight and tiers, which mean you can stack more plants in this cold frame as opposed to many of the other frames we’ve covered in this post. Although the light weight of this cold frame can be seen as a benefit, it can also serve as a con. You’ll have to be a little more weary about the wind knocking this cold frame over, but this is simply fixed by making sure your heavy plants are situated on the lowest shelf. Additionally, the positioning of this cold frame will have to be more well-thought out because of the issue of plants on the upper tiers blocking out the sunlight from the plants on the lower tier. Regardless, a huge number of buyers love this cold frame due to its ease of assembly and highly recommend it. At the current price of $51.17, this is a great value!




Nu-vue greenhouseIf you want only need shelter for a few plants, the NuVue Products Pop-Up Greenhouse
might be perfect for you. This cold frame is perfect for easy moving from plant to plant and comes very highly recommended. Although the shape is not quite like the other greenhouses we’ve reviewed, this one works surprisingly well for tight spaces. Additionally, this cold frame is very durable, having no problem holding up against 3 inches of snow. Some great features of this product also include that it has two side vents for air ventilation and does a great job keeping the warmth of the sun in for faster germination and protection against the elements. As with many of the cold frames listed on this page, the NuVue packs up for easy storage.



Alternatively, you can build your own greenhouse. There are lots of books, youtube videos, and instructional materials on detailing how to build your own greenhouse. Two that I personally recommend are this book and this book–both excellent resources on how to build your own cold frame greenhouse.